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Image 01_Front Facade.jpg


3 Bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms/2 cars. Width 9m (front) 6.4m (rear), length 26.6m.

Designed specifically to suit narrow, inner-city sites, the Leanline uses vertical space cleverly to create a home that’s both beautiful and functional. From the street, the large roof plane forms generous eaves, supported by timber-clad, ‘blade’ walls that frame the edges of the areas below. To one side is a large, recessed, double-height entry space—acting as a focal point that welcomes you into the house and draws you in. Light pours in from the window above you and illuminates the long, angled timber-clad wall to the edge of the entry. This wall stretches to the end of the long corridor, which ends in a double-height window overlooking the garden. Here, the floor of the upper level is set back, creating a void above that allows light to flood into the space. Turning to one side with the timber-clad wall at your back, you see the combined living, dining and kitchen areas, and behind them a long line of glass doors that open on to the outdoor terrace and garden beyond.

Image 04_Interior 2.jpg
Image 03_Interior 1.jpg
Image 05_Rear Exterior.jpg


  • Combined kitchen, living and dining

  • Entry corridor with double-height windows

  • Large outdoor covered terrace

  • Separate walk-in pantry

  • Two living rooms plus dining

  • Two balconies off bedrooms.


  • Living 37.50m2

  • Dining 19.26m2

  • Family 17.20m2

  • Terrace 47.23m2

  • Entry Porch 11.54m2

  • Garage 43.31m2

  • Gross Building Area 343.2m2


  • Pre-construction requirements

  • External and structural shell elements

  • Internal finishes

  • Comfort features

  • Joinery 

  • Sanitary appliances

  • Electrical appliances


Download the Leanline Fact Sheet for handy reference to description, price, features, dimensions and standard inclusions.

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